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Marchelle Milligan, MS, CMT

(925) 286-6237

3189 Danville Blvd. Suite 250E

Alamo, CA 94507​


15 minute Nutrition Recheck Only--$40

30 minutes--$80

45 minutes--$110

60 minutes--$140




Credit Cards accepted as well as Venmo and Zelle, Checks and Cash


About Marchelle

I have been doing bodywork in the Bay Area for 23 years. My education includes a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley, and a MS in Food and Nutrition from California State Long Beach.  I also am a Certified Functional Medical Practitioner.  I then went on to study Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Nutrition Response Testing. 


I was able to experience the powerful effects of Craniosacral work after an auto accident. I found that with combining several modalities I was able to heal quickly and fully. While each modality helped in different ways, it was the Craniosacral Therapy that seemed to tie it all together. I was then convinced that I needed to learn and practice Craniosacral Therapy so that I could facilitate healing for others.


I was always drawn to healing modalities.  I recall being 6-8 years old and seeing my father very sick with the flu and home from work.  Something inside me felt I could help him feel better, so I "concocted" a special formula with sugar sprinkles and water, put it in our special silver teapot and poured him a glass!   I have always tried to work with more natural healing modalities first.


Serving Alamo, Danville, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Concord, Martinez, Orinda, and San Ramon areas

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