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"I call Marchelle our Nutrition Concierge because she quickly responds to any questions I have." T.T.

“Marci recommends products that are very high quality so I know I’m getting the ingredients I’m paying for.” H.B.

“Marci helped alleviate headaches in one appointment." K.F.

"I had more relief from my back pain in one session than I'd had with all my physical therapy sessions." R.R.

“It was amazing what she could see in my basic bloodwork that my doctor had said were normal.  Now I am on a supplement program and am actually seeing results.” K.M.

"The very first time that Marci worked on my head, she was able to feel the mass restriction. She was the first person to acknowledge that there was something there, and confirm that I was not crazy." R.M.

“I had so many headaches a week before seeing Marchelle. She has helped me function as a human being again!" S.B.

“I had experienced years of depression and insomnia. I tried so many different therapies before craniosacral therapy. I finally found something that works and is very gentle. Marchelle is a true professional and very easy to work with!” T.A.

"After three sessions, I no longer had headaches that I'd experienced each day for years." K.P.

“We tweak my nutrition protocol each month as needed so I feel I am always moving forward with my health.” A.F.

"I had experienced vertigo after a car accident. I tried chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture which didn't help. Once I tried craniosacral therapy, my vertigo went away." L.K.

"This therapy can help you make the mind/body connection, deal with pain and stress, and get your body's energy back in sync. She helped me tremendously when I was in constant body pain along with migraine headaches." K.R.

"I was going through many life changes and craniosacral therapy helped keep me in balance emotionally, physically and spiritually through my process." A.V.

"My sciatica was gone in one session!" B.C.

"I was having pains in my head and neck, and thinking something was seriously wrong. It took about 6 sessions, but all the pain and dizziness is gone and I just go for tune ups every three months now." P.T.

"After Marchelle reviewed my blood test, I changed my supplements and it has made a world of difference in my energy level and brain fog." M.A.

"The blood test interpretation validated why I was feeling the way I was, yet doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I started the suggestions Marchelle made and have seen improvement in the first three months." H.H.

"I added in magnesium per my hair test results and it reduced my anxiety so much that I am off all anti-anxiety meds!" D.M.

"I have chronic low back pain, and after my sessions on the PEMF mat it has reduced my need for medication. I will continue to go and see if I can get off all medication." S.F.

"I had so many supplements in my home yet I never really felt any better from taking them. Marci reviewed my blood work and was able to pinpoint what we were missing and provide products that enabled me to heal." V.R.

"I had injured myself playing baseball, and after just one session the PEMF mat I was able to move better and after 2 sessions I was back to normal." K.D.

"I have been able to avoid antibiotics for several years since using the herbal and nutritional supplements.  I am able to catch things early with the correct formula." M.B.

" My daughter looks forward to her nutrition visits with Marci to see what we will be tweaking if necessary.  She listens carefully to what my daughter is saying and adjusts her protocols accordingly." H.G.  

  "After my first dose of Ligaplex I, my constant knee pain was 90% reduced. It was amazing something that wasn't a medication could work so quickly."  J.H.

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